Child using sunscreen at Legoland Windsor Resort
With August set to be the hottest month on record, Thea Hordle (5) stays safe in the sun by using one of ten new dispensers installed at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, offering free high protection sunscreen for families this summer holidays.

The LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort has today announced it is increasing its offer of free high protection sunscreen for families to use this summer.

As the UK gets set for the hottest August on record, LEGOLAND is encouraging parents and their kids to stay safe in the sun to enjoy a fun-filled visit during the school holidays.
With outdoor water park attractions such as DUPLO® Valley’s Drench Towers and Splash Safari set to be a must experience to help kids keep cool, ten new sunscreen dispensers have been installed providing free access to high SPF50 protection as and when families need it to top up on their sun protection.

Karen Glassey, Operations Director at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, said: “Summer is our favourite time of year but with more hot weather ahead it’s important we encourage our guests and the team to stay safe in the sun.

“With sunburn in childhood being a lead cause of skin cancer, our quick and easy to use dispensers are scattered throughout the Resort to provide high SPF50 protection for kids and parents to enjoy having fun and making holiday memories that last a lifetime.”

With school summer holidays now in full swing, Drench Towers and Splash Safari are the perfect place for kids to splash and play amongst slides, water jets and a giant DUPLO tipping brick, filled with water for the ultimate drenching.
Guests to the Park this summer can also prepare to be transported to The Magical Forest which is the newest addition to the Resort’s multi-million-pound land, LEGO® MYTHICA: World of Mythical Creatures, featuring the UK’s first flying theatre ride, Flight of the Sky Lion.
Day tickets to LEGOLAND Windsor start from £39 per person, kids under 90cm go free. To book visit

Sunscreen dispenser at Legoland Windsor Resort


The LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort
Theme Park
LEGO® City Driving School at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort.

For an awesome family day out this year, visit the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort and experience the ultimate LEGO® adventure! Whether you are earning your very first driving licence behind the wheel of a LEGO car at the LEGO® City Driving School, riding a Dragon through a medieval castle or discovering a lost underwater city in your very own submarine, with over 55 rides, live shows and attractions - the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort has something for the whole family.



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