Procession of Queen Elizabeth II's coffin en route to committal service at Windsor Castle, image copyright Ministry of DefenceProcession of Queen Elizabeth II's state hearse along The Long Walk (image copyright Ministry of Defence)

More than 100,000 people visited Windsor as the town hosted the Procession and Committal Service for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Following the State Funeral in Westminster Abbey, the Procession took in Albert Road and The Long Walk and included members of the Armed Forces, emergency services and Her Majesty’s personal staff. It preceded the Committal Service, which took place at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Crowds watch Queen Elizabeth II's funeral on Windsor big screens on The Long Walk image Tom Flather
Crowds watch Queen Elizabeth II's funeral on Windsor's big screens on The Long Walk (image Tom Flather)

Councillor Andrew Johnson, council leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, said: “We are deeply honoured that the Procession and Committal Service for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II took place in our borough at The Long Walk and at Windsor Castle.

“It was an emotional and historic moment in time, that will last forever in our memories. As a Royal Borough, we are extremely proud of our close connection with the Royal Family and felt privileged to play our part in welcoming the Procession as it made its way to her final resting place at St George’s Chapel.

“We’d like to thank the thousands of people that have visited Windsor over recent days to pay their respects to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as well as our partners, that have ensured the safe and smooth running of this historic event. Over recent days, we have experienced an unprecedented number of visitors into Windsor and we would also like to sincerely thank local businesses and residents for their patience, hospitality and understanding. I’d also like to thank our staff, who have worked tirelessly to ensure proceedings were observed smoothly and with dignity.

“On Monday, there were more than 900 stewards and 90 ambassadors working on the ground, who were on hand to assist visitors.

“We understand that, over the coming weeks, visitors may wish to continue to visit Windsor Castle to pay their respects. We will continue to work closely with a range of partners, including the Royal Household, the Armed Forces, emergency services, public transport companies and others to ensure that crowds continue to be managed appropriately.”

Assistant Chief Constable for Thames Valley Police, Tim De Meyer, said: “This was among the largest operations in our force history. I am very proud of the officers, staff and volunteers who worked so hard to ensure a safe and dignified committal for Her Majesty The Queen.

“I must also thank local residents and businesses and the many visitors to our town for their support and co-operation. It was a pleasure for colleagues to meet and speak with them over the last ten days. They made the event a privilege to police and helped us to do our final duty to Her Majesty.”

Her Majesty The Queen's Funeral in Windsor
Procession of Queen Elizabeth II's state hearse along The Long Walk (image copyright Gill Heppell 2022)


If you are planning on travelling to Windsor, roads and car parks are still expected to be busy, so using public transport is advised. Please check the latest information and services before travelling.

In addition to the train services provided by Great Western Railways and South West Railways, a number of bus services have routes into Windsor but please check before you travel.

Floral tributes

If you are visiting Windsor to leave a floral tribute to Her Majesty The Queen, please ensure that you remove any plastic packaging from the flowers and leave them outside Cambridge Gate at the top of The Long Walk.

Her Majesty had many charities and patronages that she actively supported, should you wish to make a donation in her name instead.


Windsor Castle
Castle / Fort
Windsor Castle's Round Tower (daytime) – photographer: John Freeman, Royal Collection Trust / © His Majesty King Charles III 2023

No trip to Windsor could possibly be complete without a visit to amazing Windsor Castle, the family home to British kings and queens for over 1,000 years and today one of the official residences of His Majesty The King. Find out more!

Windsor Great Park
Country / Royal Park
Windsor Great Park Chapel Wood

Windsor Great Park covers 4,800 acres, huge parts of which are open to the public. Windsor Great Park is the perfect place for picnics, eating, shopping, running, walking, cycling, horse riding and fishing. Families will love the children's play area near The Savill Garden.

St George's Chapel
Church / Chapel
St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

Take in the splendour of St George's Chapel, the burial place of 11 monarchs including Queen Elizabeth II, Henry VIII and Charles I, and one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in England.



  1. Willywin
    Yes it all went very well except the parking, arrived early to park on a dark field. Luckily I had a torch as the walk from the field to the long walk was not good. Then we came to leave, well what a complete screwup that was. Two parking attendants trying to control everyone heading for two exits. There were fights, shouting and what did the other attendants do. Nothing stood holding up the hut while checking their phones, when asked they said no one was listening and carried on playing on their phone. It’s not rocket science a few cones and you funnel cars. If it’s a problem call the police there was enough on the long walk. Over and hour to get off the field, but then I suppose if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. But I think monkeys would have done a better job. What a nice little earner at £20 a car 😡
    1. Visit Site
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Income will be used to offset costs associated with running a major national event of this kind. The council will not be making any profit from any associated charges.

      Regarding vehicles exiting from the Review Ground, clearly it’s the case that 5,000 cars arrived gradually at the site over a number of hours but the majority wanted to leave within an hour of proceedings ending. The council worked with police to help speed up the exit by dedicating a section of the A332 – both sides of it – to people leaving the site, but it was always going to take time for all vehicles to exit.
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